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Mini Cupcakes Toronto

Our mini cupcakes in Toronto are famed for their lip-smacking taste. With less than 40 calories you get amazing flavour and none of the guilt! All our mini cupcakes are made in-house daily.

Gourmet Cupcakes, Toronto

Good things come in bite sized packages and that is certainly true for our range our mini cupcakes in Toronto. These gourmet cupcakes come in an array of delicious favourites including the classic Red Velvet to our signature raspberry vodka infused bite sized cupcakes – Just Bite It!

A Taste of our Gourmet Cupcakes, Toronto

The bite sized cupcakes menu offers a dozen bite-sized varieties for you to choose from. To whet your appetite, feast your eyes on the descriptions of a selection of our mini cupcakes:

Just Bite Me! Is a delicious vanilla cake stuffed with raspberry puree and topped with a raspberry vodka vanilla buttercream icing.

Mocha Chocolate is a milk chocolate and mocha cake topped with caramal buttercream, and a fresh coffee bean.

Strawberry Bite Cake is a strawberry cake stuffed with strawberry puree and topped with a fresh vanilla buttercream and pink sugar crystals.

Bite Sized Cupcakes

For Gourmet Cupcakes in Toronto. Click on each of our bite sized cupcakes below to read the mouth-watering ingredients. Be warned, after reading you will want to take a bite or more!

Gourmet Bite Sized Cupcakes